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"About webmaster SANZI"

Hello, I am SANZI.
It is webmaster of this site.

I made this site for the foot and sole fetish the world.
Photos Rooms image in is just photos of foot fetish with a focus on the soles of the feet.
Please more and more save their favorite thing.
And get such impressions, I'm so happy.
If you have any requests, please towards the bulletin board.
(respond as much as possible!)
Other, anything is fine even in such experiences related to foot fetish.
I would like to share, along with you guys.


Webmaster: SANZI
1982 born in Japan

When I was a child, interested in foot fetish affected by the TV program.
Student, looking at the bare feet of classmates I did not calm down.
And,it was gradually to have an impulse to see the bare feet and soles.
Junior high school age, it becomes to recognize that different their own and other people,
"people love foot just one person in the world," I continued trouble.

"My opinion"

I want to see the soles of the feet,
I want to photographing. (Collector temperament)
Not M also like feet (SM theory is separate from)
It's also like tickling the soles of the feet (it's tickling fetish)
Not interested to be stepped on and that the smell of feet.
I like smooth soles of the skin.
I think that the woman that a sole is beautiful is beautiful heartily.

"Meet with friends through the Internet"

When it is the reason that is foot fetishism, but, as is expected, as for me,
it is adolescence after childhood,
When "the human being who liked feet was oneself alone",
I was troubled considerably deeply.
I felt the classmate who could talk who could watch a girl commonly enviable.
In the those days, PCs just spread; and a thing called the Internet in the days of the first appearance.
I heard that the Internet was connected to the world and could search various information.
"Possibly, as for this, may there be a world person liking feet same as oneself somewhere?"I thought it to be.
I searched it with "Ashinoura(あしのうら)" immediately.

("Ashinoura" means foot soles.) I "met"!

A homepage with a title as is appeared with "あしのうら" wonderfully!
It was the moment when it was impressed to be born most in the life for dozens of years.
I will not forget the impression of this time throughout the life.
When "the foot fetishism was none of me, I really felt relieved".
A body felt it lightly as soon as the trouble of the life maximum cried.

I thank Mr. manager Y of "あしのうら" which was a chance to make this homepage heartily…
And I thank for "to Mr. T with Mr. J supporting me from" at that time.

Age and work and an area and the country do not matter.
It is the same as an old friend knowing for a long time from the moment when I met you.
Surely I think that it is possible if a lot of foot friends gather what it is.
I want to do it by all means.
With friends in the world.

Thank you for reading till the last.
So, please enjoy the site .......

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